Friday, March 09, 2007


Free Tele Con, short for Free Tele Conferencing is a subsidiary of the Free Conference Call Corporation of America. FreeTeleCon offers hassle free, equipment free Tele Conferencing.
And did I mention it's free? Well it is, the only charge to you is your normal long distance charges. Follow the link and set up your free account today!

Sign Up For Free Tele Conferencing Today id a new service offering free conference calling, Yes, it's free! The only charges to you are your normal long distance charges. So if you have a great phone plan and you dont pay long distance, then you pay absolutely nothing to use Free Tele, or to make it easy!

Sign up for your free account today! Its easy, no credit card, no deposit, just fill out a form with your name nad email and you will be given a telephone number and access code, yours to use free for 4 months with unlimited calls, up to 97 attendees per meeting!

Remember, it's free and easy at