Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Is TeleConferencing?

Wikipedia defines "Teleconferencing" as the live exchange and mass articulation of information among persons and machines remote from one another but linked by a telecommunications system, usually over the phone line.
Free TeleCon does it for FREE! With our state of the art digital equipment what you get is crystal clear communications that is allways ready when you are. no matter where you are or what phone you are using. Free TeleCon is there at a moments notice, no reservations, no expensive equipment!
The only cost to you are your normal long distance charges. Simple, crystal clear communications from one to many Free TeleCon is the solution for you teleconferencing needs!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Possible Set Back For Alternative Energy

Later this year the 30% Federal Tax credit on new Solar and Wind installations will expire. Without this incentive the alternative energy industry will have a major setback. Congress can renew this credit, but they are bickering and may go on their summer break without voting to extend the credit. Now is the time to contact your representatives in Congress and let them know this important bill has to be renewed. Nancy Pelosi could bring this issue up for a vote, but she has stalled on this bill and will not call for a vote. Her phone number is: 202 225-0100, I urge you to call her and let her know we want this tax credit and it needs to be voted on. It is time to let Congress know we want action! I cant believe that this is happening, especially now when one of the main topics of discussion is our dependency on foriegn oil and what we can and need to do to fix that problem and become a self sufficient country. Please call Ms. Pelosi and urge her to extend the tax credit. The big oil companies get all kinds of tax credits, dont we all deserve the same if we install alternative solutions?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Pickens Plan

Free TeleCon supports the Pickens Plan! It is about time someone stands up and takes charge and puts together an actual plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The $700 billion dollars annually that go to foriegn nations for oil could be well spent here in this country if we werent so depenedent on oil. Go to the Pickens Plan website to learn more, get involved! Check back here for more info.