Friday, March 21, 2008

Scrap-Booking Free Conferencing Service

The perfect solution for scrapbook supply sales people and enthusiast alike!!! With you can get all your downline people in one call with no reservations, no credit cards, no deposit required! Just go to the site, type in your name and email and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use FREE!!! The only charges are your normal long distance charges. Up to 96 attendees per conference. And if you are a scrapbook enthusiast but cant get away for a scrapbooking retreat, work at home and talk with all your friends on the phone with FTC. Up to 96 of your friends, sharing ideas etc. No matter where you are, you can all come together with Free TeleConferencing.
Any phone, anytime, anywhere, crystal clear digital talk, whether just a few or many people, Free TeleCon is here to help!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

And The Debate Continues...

Windows Vista? Or XP? All over the internet you can read articles about the virtues of XP and the fight to save it. Debates on which is better, why did Microsoft move away from XP, I hate Vista, it's all out there.

"Microsoft have miscalculated the views of many in the industry as well as end-users just for the sake of boosting their bottom line." "Windows XP is, in my opinion, the best OS Microsoft has developed. It's fast (being able to run decent on 128MB of RAM, and runs wonderfully on 512MB), and it's very user friendly. Vista is a resource hog (anyone remember Windows 95? Yeah...), needing at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly. 512MB runs fine, but does run as a slow XP would, and that's terrible. I myself, love XP, and hate Vista. I will continue to use XP as my primary OS as long as possible. I think Microsoft should continue the sales, and support of XP to give the people choice, which is what people really do want." "I've downgraded numerous times ( from Vista to XP)... actually, let's call it Upgraded. XP has all the features most people need and is very reliable. Vista has been difficult and does not offer anything new I need.""

What are your thoughts? Why not join the debate and start your own XP TeleConference Forum? Set up an FTC account and get up to 96 other people in on the discussion with you. Check it out, go to the Registration Page, enter your name and email and you are ready to go! Give the number and access code to whomever you want to , tell them a time to call and start the debate. Simple, easy to use, allways ready, allways free, any phone, any time, anywhere.

Free TeleCon. We're here to help!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Dollar Is Getting Smaller...

So we have to cut corners where we can. Instead of driving all over the place to speak to all the people you need to in your work, why not try teleconferencing? With FTC you can have as many as 96 people all in one call, FREE! No expensive equipment, no reservations, no waiting! FREE! Check it out, go to the website, type in your name and email address and youre set. Give the number and access code to all those you need to speack to, tell them what time to call in and theyre all there, Easy, Free, Ready When You Are. Free TeleCon. Save money and lower your carbon footprint! Check it out. Sign Up Now!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Calling #9, #9 Please Call...

Free TeleCon!
It's simple, Go to the registration page, enter a name and valid email address and you are ready to go. Give the number and access code to whomever you wish, tell them a time to call and you are set. Works wonderful with 2 people or many.
Now go be #9 and don't get 86'd!
Its that easy. No reservations. No expensive equipment.

Leading the market with crystal clear digital communications, Free TeleCon is here for you!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Uses TeleConferencing Services?

Who uses teleconferencing services? Corporate planners, multi-level marketers, scrapbookers, sales managers or anyone that has a need to speak to many people in one call. Free TeleConferencing offers crystal clear all digital communication thats ready when you are, no expensive equipment and no reservations needed. Once you have set up your free account all you need do is distribute the phone number and access code to those who you need to have a conference with allong with the time to call and they are all there. Simple, Free & Easy, Free TeleCon is the solution for all your business and personal communication needs. Check it out today! Sign Up Now!