Monday, November 24, 2008

They're Doing It In Prison...

Teleconferencing that is! With cost cutting measures being taken up in all aspects of our economy the state of Conneticut is working to cut the costs in thier prison systems by using teleconferencing. It can cost over $1,500 to take one high risk prisoner to court for the day. Why do that when you can use Free TeleCon! The best part is FREE!!! Read the whole article here, then go get your own free teleconferencing line with us, just click here FTC!
Free TeleCon, any phone, any time, anywhere! Always FREE!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Art Space

My Art Space is a website to aide the artist in getting their work out on the web for all to see. Like other online social networks My Art Space allows the artist to create a profile and upload examples of their work into their own online galleries. this allows all artists, no matter where they are to connect, to be a part of something bigger, to show their work to the world. My Art Space is open to all those interested in the arts, from the beginner to the seasoned pro, gallery owners, collectors and curators.
For the art student My Art Space is offering several different scholarships for both the undergrad as well as the graduate.
With sponsored competitions, scholarships and special events My Art Space is sure to grow into a force in the art world.
Free TeleConferencing can be used to help spread information and news about events and openings to help further the artists career. Check it out and sign up today at Free TeleCon!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Free Military Conference Calls

Free TeleCon is a perfect solution for family reunions for our military personell. With one call you can have up to 96 family members together and you can even record and download the event to listen to again and again. FTC offers crystal clear, state of the art digital communications available from any phone, anywhere at any time. No reservations and no expensive equipment needed, just you and your loved ones to comfort each other. The only charges to use Free TeleConferencing are you normal long distance charges, so if you have a good plan it is completely free to you!
Check it out, go to the website, sign up for your free account today and give it a try! You even get a free Voice Box and Message Center with your account!
FTC ~ Bringing people together!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What Is TeleConferencing?

Wikipedia defines "Teleconferencing" as the live exchange and mass articulation of information among persons and machines remote from one another but linked by a telecommunications system, usually over the phone line.
Free TeleCon does it for FREE! With our state of the art digital equipment what you get is crystal clear communications that is allways ready when you are. no matter where you are or what phone you are using. Free TeleCon is there at a moments notice, no reservations, no expensive equipment!
The only cost to you are your normal long distance charges. Simple, crystal clear communications from one to many Free TeleCon is the solution for you teleconferencing needs!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Possible Set Back For Alternative Energy

Later this year the 30% Federal Tax credit on new Solar and Wind installations will expire. Without this incentive the alternative energy industry will have a major setback. Congress can renew this credit, but they are bickering and may go on their summer break without voting to extend the credit. Now is the time to contact your representatives in Congress and let them know this important bill has to be renewed. Nancy Pelosi could bring this issue up for a vote, but she has stalled on this bill and will not call for a vote. Her phone number is: 202 225-0100, I urge you to call her and let her know we want this tax credit and it needs to be voted on. It is time to let Congress know we want action! I cant believe that this is happening, especially now when one of the main topics of discussion is our dependency on foriegn oil and what we can and need to do to fix that problem and become a self sufficient country. Please call Ms. Pelosi and urge her to extend the tax credit. The big oil companies get all kinds of tax credits, dont we all deserve the same if we install alternative solutions?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Pickens Plan

Free TeleCon supports the Pickens Plan! It is about time someone stands up and takes charge and puts together an actual plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. The $700 billion dollars annually that go to foriegn nations for oil could be well spent here in this country if we werent so depenedent on oil. Go to the Pickens Plan website to learn more, get involved! Check back here for more info.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Conference Calls Made Easy!

People from all walks of life are discovering TeleConferencing with Free TeleCon! Its simple and easy to use and we will never ask you for a credit card to setup your account because it's FREE! Just go to the website and sign up, enter your name and email address and you will be given an access code and phone number, yours to use FREE! The only charges are you normal long distance fees. So use a phone with a good plan...and it is totally FREE!!!
We offer access for 2 to 96 people with no expensive equipment, no reservations, no waiting! Check it out today! Free TeleCon

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mozilla's Firefox 3.0

Download Day - English
Download Day
Just like Free TeleCon Firefox 3.0 is FREE!
Click the images above to download it today!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's A Global Thing!

Free TeleConferencing that is. FreeTeleCon or FTC is available to you, ready on a moments notice. No reservations, no equipment, just a phone, any phone anywhere, any time. Go to the website, set up an account. Its easy, no credit card or deposit required, just your name and email address. You can be having your first conference in minutes!
Wherever you are, wherever all of your people are FTC can help you bring them together in one call. Leading the way in one to many communications Free TeleCon is here for you! Sign up today!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Are You A Furrie?

Do you like furry animals, and also like to dress up like them and hang out with friends? Then you are a Furry! I first heard of this on tv and thought it was a joke. If you want to learn more go check out SoCalFurs.
Free TeleConferencing would be a great solution for all you furries out there! In fact, up to 96 others along with you! get your free account today, just follow the link to learn more and set up your free account today! Free TeleConferencing sign up today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today Is Earth Day!

Go green with FreeTeleCon! The first Earth Day was in 1970. Since then we have seen ever increasing evidence of the need to care for our environment, to care for Mother Earth. We must all do our part, whatever we can in our daily lives to help our planet. Instead of driving all over to meet with colleagues, associates and friends, use Free TeleCon to bring everyone together, with as many as 96 other people in the call with you, think of the greenhouse gasses you are saving by using this service!

It doesn't matter where you are or where they are, lower your carbon footprint with FTC. It's free, no credit card or deposit required, It's easy, all you have to do is enter an email address and your name and you are set! No reservations, no expensive equipment, ready when you are, FTC is the perfect solution for your conferencing needs and for those wanting a "greener" alternative in teleconferencing.

Sign up for your free account today at FTC!

Monday, April 14, 2008

History In The Making

Whether you are a Donkey or an Elephant we are in a historical time for our country. It is important to discuss the issues, your favorite candidates and who would make the best Commander in Chief. Start the debate amongst your peers with Free TeleCon or FTC! Set up an account, its free, no credit card or deposit required, give the number and access code to anyone you want involved and set a time and date and you are set to debate the issues. You can even record and download your debate! Give it a try! TeleConferencing is Free & Easy with FTC!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Free Tele Conferencing For Military Personel

Dont let the distance between you and your loved ones keep you apart, let Free TeleCon help bridge the gap and bring you together. We would be honored if the men and women of our Armed Forces used our service, and if we can do anything to help you, please let us know. We can offer Free Conference calls for up to 96 people, possibly more if need be. All you need do is go to the website, enter your name and email address and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use free! The only charges are your normal long distance, so if you have a good plan, it is completetly free to you! Whenever you need it, we are there for you to help you reach out and touch the ones you care for. We aer the leader in one to many, crystal clear digital communications.
Free TeleCon, were here to help!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Independent Truck Driver Dilema & Strike

We see them on our streets, freeways and highways. We often pass them off as those damn trucks whizzing by or scaring us. But the fact is the independent trucker is just like us. they have families, homes, mortgages and bills just like you and me. But in this ever expanding global economy the independent trucker is experiencing a big squeeze. With the rise in the cost of crude oil, so goes the cost of diesel fuel to drive the trucks which bring the goods to market that we all crave. Unfortunately the truckers wages arent growing to meet those rising costs of fuel because of the expanding global market and our ever increasing desire for "that better deal". Prices are going up on everything. From groceries to gas, clothing to household services, costs are going up. And the independent trucker is feeling that too. A strike is in the works and could severly impact prices further.
Free TeleConferencing is a great tool for all of you truckers out there. Just go to the website, click on "Register Now" enter your name and email adress and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use free. the only charges are your normal long distance charges, so if you have a good plan where you dont pay long distance, it is completly free to you! Use it to organize and find out whats happening on the road with other drivers, up to 96 others all in one call with you. Check it out, it just might help!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reach Out And Touch...

Someone you care about. Many people have family and friends scattered all over the planet. It can be costly to call all of them and be time consuming as well to keep in contact with them all. Free TeleCon can help you with that. We offer crystal clear digital communications that allow you to talk with up to 96 other people in one conference call, free! Family or school reunions, military get togethers, you name it and Free TeleConferencing is your solution. Simply go to the website, click on the "register now" button, type in your name and email address and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use FREE! the only charges are your normal long distance fees, so if you have a good plan with no long distance, you're set! Simply give the number and access code along with a time to call to those you want to talk to, remember up to 96 of them, and you are set, ready to reach out and touch the ones you care for.
Free TeleConferencing brings people together!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Scrap-Booking Free Conferencing Service

The perfect solution for scrapbook supply sales people and enthusiast alike!!! With you can get all your downline people in one call with no reservations, no credit cards, no deposit required! Just go to the site, type in your name and email and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use FREE!!! The only charges are your normal long distance charges. Up to 96 attendees per conference. And if you are a scrapbook enthusiast but cant get away for a scrapbooking retreat, work at home and talk with all your friends on the phone with FTC. Up to 96 of your friends, sharing ideas etc. No matter where you are, you can all come together with Free TeleConferencing.
Any phone, anytime, anywhere, crystal clear digital talk, whether just a few or many people, Free TeleCon is here to help!

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

And The Debate Continues...

Windows Vista? Or XP? All over the internet you can read articles about the virtues of XP and the fight to save it. Debates on which is better, why did Microsoft move away from XP, I hate Vista, it's all out there.

"Microsoft have miscalculated the views of many in the industry as well as end-users just for the sake of boosting their bottom line." "Windows XP is, in my opinion, the best OS Microsoft has developed. It's fast (being able to run decent on 128MB of RAM, and runs wonderfully on 512MB), and it's very user friendly. Vista is a resource hog (anyone remember Windows 95? Yeah...), needing at least 1GB of RAM to run smoothly. 512MB runs fine, but does run as a slow XP would, and that's terrible. I myself, love XP, and hate Vista. I will continue to use XP as my primary OS as long as possible. I think Microsoft should continue the sales, and support of XP to give the people choice, which is what people really do want." "I've downgraded numerous times ( from Vista to XP)... actually, let's call it Upgraded. XP has all the features most people need and is very reliable. Vista has been difficult and does not offer anything new I need.""

What are your thoughts? Why not join the debate and start your own XP TeleConference Forum? Set up an FTC account and get up to 96 other people in on the discussion with you. Check it out, go to the Registration Page, enter your name and email and you are ready to go! Give the number and access code to whomever you want to , tell them a time to call and start the debate. Simple, easy to use, allways ready, allways free, any phone, any time, anywhere.

Free TeleCon. We're here to help!

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Dollar Is Getting Smaller...

So we have to cut corners where we can. Instead of driving all over the place to speak to all the people you need to in your work, why not try teleconferencing? With FTC you can have as many as 96 people all in one call, FREE! No expensive equipment, no reservations, no waiting! FREE! Check it out, go to the website, type in your name and email address and youre set. Give the number and access code to all those you need to speack to, tell them what time to call in and theyre all there, Easy, Free, Ready When You Are. Free TeleCon. Save money and lower your carbon footprint! Check it out. Sign Up Now!

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Calling #9, #9 Please Call...

Free TeleCon!
It's simple, Go to the registration page, enter a name and valid email address and you are ready to go. Give the number and access code to whomever you wish, tell them a time to call and you are set. Works wonderful with 2 people or many.
Now go be #9 and don't get 86'd!
Its that easy. No reservations. No expensive equipment.

Leading the market with crystal clear digital communications, Free TeleCon is here for you!

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who Uses TeleConferencing Services?

Who uses teleconferencing services? Corporate planners, multi-level marketers, scrapbookers, sales managers or anyone that has a need to speak to many people in one call. Free TeleConferencing offers crystal clear all digital communication thats ready when you are, no expensive equipment and no reservations needed. Once you have set up your free account all you need do is distribute the phone number and access code to those who you need to have a conference with allong with the time to call and they are all there. Simple, Free & Easy, Free TeleCon is the solution for all your business and personal communication needs. Check it out today! Sign Up Now!

Friday, February 29, 2008

Traveling To the Middle East

In this time of general unrest in the Middle East someone near and dear to us here at Free TeleConferencing will be traveling to the Israel to visit the Holy Lands.
Please be safe!
We ask that you all pray for a safe return!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Crafting With Free TeleCon

Are you a crafter? Do you have a nice spot in your home that you work in? Whe working alone do you ever wish there were others with you? What if you could stay working there but be talking with up to 96 other crafters at the same time?
Free TeleConferencing is for you! We offer reservationless, easy to use, no equipment teleconferences. All you have to do is set up an account, No Deposit, No Credit Card, cause it's FREE! Just enter your name and email address. You will be given a phone number and access code, YOURS FREE!
Cant get away for a scrapbook retreat? Give the number and code to all your friends (up to 96 of them) and tell them a time to call, its that simple! FTC can be used to talk about the current trends, set up retreats, the possibilities are endless.

Click the link , DO IT NOW! *LINK*

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Fight to Save Microsoft Windows XP

Most Recommended Microsoft responds to "Save XP" petition (InfoWorld)San Francisco - A Microsoft spokesperson today acknowledged InfoWorld's petition effort asking the company to keep Windows XP for sale indefinitely rather than drop the popular OS from most sales outlets on June 30 as planned. "We're aware of it but are listening first and foremost to feedback we hear from partners and customers about what makes sense based on their needs," a spokesperson told Computerworld Australia. The spokesperson noted that Microsoft had already delayed XP's demise by six months from its original Dec. 31, 2007, end-of-sales date, as software vendors, customers, and others complained that the deadline was too soon, coming less than a year after Windows Vista's release. "That's what informed our decision to extend the availability of XP initially and what will continue to guide us," she said. Microsoft has not responded to InfoWorld's several requests for a comment on the petition effort, which has gathered more than 79,000 signaturesas of this morning.

Go here to sign the petition, SAVE XP NOW!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Tomarrow Is Super Tuesday...

There is a wind of change blowing people. That change is in the form of Obama 08. Have you wondered why the republicans are all attacking Hillary Clinton so much? It's because they want her to win the nomination, they feel that they can beat her. I think the republican party is afraid of what Obama represents, BIG change, out with the old, in with the new.

Lets Do This!!! Start your own grass roots change campaign with Free TeleConferencing NOW! We can, We will, Change is GOOD!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Oprah Effect

Come on Oprah! Pull those stragglers in! Get out there, work your magic!
Save us from the Bush/Clinton Regime!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The XP Debate

Windows XP has had its issues, but nothing compared to problems people have had with Windows Vista. Many people after installing Vista have reverted to XP. Microsoft has announced plans to discontinue XP at the end of June, prompting much outcry from the loyal XP users of the world.
As I see it, Microsoft would be wise to deal with the issues of Vista getting it completely bug-free before dropping XP. It would seem they could then avoid a lot of angry people by doing so. Change is good, but make sure what you are changing to works properly.
Here’s an idea, use Free TeleCon to discuss your Vista issues with all of your colleagues, friends and associates. Sign up for your free account today, CLICK HERE!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Political Race For History

We are in a truly history making time. Barriers stand to be broken and great change is at foot. It is a moral imperative on ALL citizens of this country to vote, to stand for what you believe in, do help foster a change, a change to what the country used to stand for.
Rally all your friends and aquaintances to vote. Free TeleConferencing can help you! With our serevice you can have up to 96 people on a conference call to talk about your favorite candidates for change.
It's simple, free and easy, simply go to the site, put in a name and email address and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use FREE! Your account also comes with free Voice Box and Voice Messaging service! Check it out and sign up CLICK HERE!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Paint Ball Communications

Free TeleConferencing is a great solution for Paint Ball Battles! You and up to 96 of your comrades can all be on the same call with your cell phones in the field, helping each other out, Free TeleCon is a great tool for teamwork. It's
simple, easy to use with crystal clear communications, Free TeleConferencing is here for you.
Set up your free account today!

Monday, January 07, 2008

It's 2008!!

Its a new year, a new day full of promise! Whether you are out campaigning for your favorite presidential candidate, someone involved in scrapbooking, a teacher or student, or military personell in far off places, Free TeleCon is here to help you in the new year.
It is very simple to set-up and use. Simply go to the website, put in your name and email address and you will be given a phone number and access code, yours to use free, Yes I said FREE!!! You can have conferences with up to 96 people, no reservations, no expensive equipment, FreeTeleCon is ready when you are.

Check it out today!